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27 Oct 2018

Yin & Yang of autumn

Yin and Yang of autumn. Lappträsk, Finland. October 2018. 360 degrees little planet aerial view over colorful aspens. Lappträsk, Finland. October 2018. Autumn colors in all variations. Lappträsk, Finland. October 2018. Photocomposite of aspen autumn study. Lappträsk, Finland. October 2018. Aspen trees in full colorbloom at lake Lappträsk, Finland. October 2018. Barnacle geese enjoying the... (more)

05 Dec 2017

Century celebration – Happy birthday beautiful Finland!

  Some of the work photographed during the last autumn months. Tomorrow we will celebrate 100 years of independence in Finland. I will celebrate it with these landscapes and animals. Happy birthday Finland!  

08 Nov 2017

Autumn melancholy

  Autumn has left these aspens without leaves. Lappträsk, Finland. October 2017.     Fallen aspen leaves. Lappträsk, Finland. October 2017.                             Thousands of migrating geese – tens to hundreds of thousands have visited our small lake this autumn. It has been... (more)

17 Oct 2015

Let there be colours

What an autumn – what else can you say?! Thousands and again thousands of migrating geese flying over our house every day for over a month – you really get this deep feeling of seasons changing when you see the birds flying over day after day. During the years I have photographed a lot of... (more)

09 Nov 2013

The long and beautiful autumn is gone…

…and we are left with the beauty of less of everything – the simpicity of nature comes to life especially in november, when it seems everything is hibernating in front of the upcoming winter. Now the true imagination takes a step forward in the photographer… See below my autumn, which was very light and special... (more)