Strikeback from the social media jungle…

Common ringed plover running around looking for evening snacks on the shore. Lappträsk, Finland. August 2019.
Common starlings enjoying the morning sun on the fields of Pockar. Lappträsk, Finland. August 2019.
Graphic view over Vindelälven and its sandy shoreline. Rusksele, Sweden. September 2019.
Panning shot of pre-autumnal birchforest. Kouvola, Finland. August 2019.
Panned single exposure of a beautiful pine forest. Forsbacka, Sweden. September 2019.
Pine forest with sunrays appearing in the back of the rainy forest. Panning technique. Forsmark, Sweden. September 2019.
Aerial view over Lokkiselkä in Leppävirta, Finland. August 2019.
Barnacle geese taking down. Lappträsk, Finalnd. August 2019.
Path to the pines. Panning tecnique. Forsmark, Sweden. September 2019.
Aerial vertical panorama of a autumnal pine forest. Andersby, Lovisa, Finland. August 2019.
TS-E panoramic view over an autumnal pine forest. Andersby, Lovisa, Finland. August 2019.

It has been too long since my last posting here…many images later I finally grabbed myself by my neck, and took the time to gather the last greetings from this pre-autumn in my journal. I have to admit that the last year I have been concentrating on the social media streaming, especially my Instagram account @lundfotowildlife, where I have started to post images from my archives all the way back to 2004 when I started my wildlife photography. Instagram is fast and you reach a lot of people, but still there is an own place for a gallery on a website. Please enjoy the last month…I will post the missing months later on…

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